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Townhall Meeting With District Level Election Candidates
In 2019, run up to the District level Elections, we organised town hall meetings across the Ablekuma Central Municipal Assembly, the Municipality to engender Community participation in the Assembly elections for their own development.
It took me and my team six months from June to December to engage the communities morning and evenings letting them know why they needed to be involved in their own development.
We did radio Van announcements in 5 of the seven electoral areas and on top of that held the town hall meetings at different dates across the Municipality. It's my view that - the Assembly election are the most important, perhaps than the national elections. You can debate that. Point is, I have been voting since 1992 but I have not seen any of the protagonist in the political process before. In fact, to reach them, I needed to book into weeks, months and maybe years!
But with the Assembly, which is closer and in the community, you can just enter and seek to meet the Chief Executive Officer(CEO). Also the Assembly Member is in the community.... You can see them... You put you issues before them. I believe that the Assembly system can truly deliver development in our communities if we decide that it must work.....
We have been on this fourth Republican path for 30 into 32 years.... If you asking me, its not working because we have decided not to make it work.
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