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Who We Are

Major attempt at the decentralization program started in the late 1980s with the view to bringing government services closer to the people.

However, several years on, rapid developments in our communities remain a challenge. As much as fundamental problems are political in nature, the very essential aspect where the local Assembly coordinates and carry the communities along as partners so as to gain their support; strengthening and using the substructure as vehicle to mobilizing inclusive and active participation have not been fully achieved.

Local governance still remains largely a top-down approach with an ineffective participation of the serving communities in the socio-economic development decision making processes that affect their livelihoods, lives, communities and its ecosystem. This comes about largely due to the lack of space for a civic conscious, knowledgeable and empowered community.

Our organization was incorporated in 2019 and to achieve our mission, OCOF works in collaboration with stakeholders and partner to evolve interventions that harness the energies of the people in interaction with system for their own development in a sustainable manner using the Community Led Development approach

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